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when I reach 100 followers I might do something special~ 


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ANOTHER CASE OF “i wasn’t going to post this doodle here but people on twitter were very enthusiastic”

uvo is here and Ready To Rumble


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"Greetings, Spider Bastard.”

"Seems like you have been looking for us? What a great coincidence, I was actually trying to find you too." The imposing man crossed his arms over his chest, looking pretty relaxed while facing the blond. "Looks like you are one of those people having a serious issue with us, what is it about?"

#conjuringchains  #(I'm more used to plot before playing but I thought it was time to try) 

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"So… here is the Chain Bastard…"

( conjuringchains )

#conjuringchains  #(Sorry for the rude intro I wanted to cheer you up) 

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I wanted to draw Uvo in an armor earlier but I never did it but today the prompt was RPG so I had a change to try drawing my baby in an armor~

#Portrait  #AU Inspiration 

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I’ve never noticed this panel before and I just had to redraw it.


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"I bet shalnark joined the troupe because uvo picked him up and slung him over his shoulder and was like “I like this one, can we keep him chrollo. please, I’ll take care of him I promise”"

—ray on uvoshal (via bitterkiwi)
#(Mun likes it) 

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#Portrait  #Kurapika 

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Relationship Asks:

♛ : OTP for my muse
☠ : NOTP for my muse
♙ : Character my muse hates
♗ : Child!Character my muse would adopt.
♠ : Character my muse would have a one night stand with.
♥ : Weird ship I have for my muse.
♜ : My muse's best friend.
☢ : Character my muse is afraid of.
☣ : Character my muse respects greatly.
☩: Crossover Ship with my muse.

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Perfect Blue Sentence Meme


Send one to see how my Muse responds OR send me “PerfectBlue and I’ll generate a number that My Muse will say to Yours. [1-109] (Warning for sensitive themes)


  1. Send a cry for help and wait a bit.
  2. Come on, sit still!
  3. I’ll get rid of her/him.
  4. I still remember well that warmth you’d given me.
  5. No! Stop! Let me go!
  6. Wouldn’t you be interested in being a model?
  7. I absolutely REFUSE to do it!
  8. Bad girl/boy!
  9. Who’s the criminal?
  10. Don’t make me laugh!
  11. Get out of here! I’ll call the police!
  12. What do you want, you freak?
  13. That’s not me. She/He’s an impostor!
  14. Let me go! Stop it!
  15. So this will be my last ___. Please listen.
  16. Yeah, that looks good… Come on, be more daring! More passionate!
  17. This is where ___ proves if she/he can be seen as a real ___ or not.
  18. Today, I was still a little depressed…
  19. Look, they’re back. The guy(s)/girl(s) that caused trouble last week.
  20. But what about ____’s feelings!?
  21. How do they know this much…?
  22. What are you saying!?
  23. Who in the world are you!?
  24. Although… I’m sure my parents will flip when they see me like that.
  25. Out of the way!
  26. Wasn’t ___ what you were best at?
  27. And you’ll die soon, too!
  28. I’m sorry. I’ll call you back.
  29. Yesterday? Was that real?
  30. There’s no way ___ can do such a thing!
  31. ____ specializes in getting people to strip!
  32. Who are you? [said repeatedly]
  33. I’m always looking at ___’s Room!
  34. Hands off.
  35. I don’t know anything about myself anymore!
  36. Well, excuse me for not surviving.
  37. ___, I’m scared that my other self will do something that I don’t know about…
  38. Try running your fingers through your hair.
  39. I’ll do it.
  40. Of course I didn’t want to do it! But I couldn’t trouble ___ who brought me this far!!
  41. l have to allow myself at least this much luxury.
  42. You’re tarnished! FIL THY!
  43. Love makes your heart race.
  44. What is all this…?
  45. Police say ____ was stabbed umpteen times with a sharp object…
  46. You’re gonna have to make your mind up soon.
  47. You killed them!?
  48. Stop! Stop it! I am not tarnished!
  49. Maybe that truck hit me… and this is all a dream…
  50. What attitude from some no-namer!
  51. What if that other personality suddenly started acting on its own…?
  52. You know… ____… Has someone been harassing you?
  53. No break yet!
  54. Please! ____, it’s you, isn’t it!? PLEASE WAKE UP!
  55. This blood is real, isn’t it?

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